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Shit Sentence of The Day

In the new Ireland, the man from Bolivia mingles with the socialist from Cuba

Jesus, that’s slack even by Sunday Independent standards. This comes from an article about immigrants. In other words, I know bugger all about Bolivia, but I know that there are socialists in Cuba.

There are socialists in Bolivia too as it happens, but that is not what I was going to talk about. I am still a bit bothered about what happened yesterday, as I described in my previous post. The man doing the singing was a loutish fathead, and though I feel like I ought to have challenged him about it, to have done so would have given him the satisfaction of having provoked a response. The other people in my group didn’t really notice what was going on, so I wasn’t inclined to cause a scene on a pleasant afternoon stroll.

One of the women in my group was pushing her baby a buggy, and after she heard him sing his nursery rhyme, she said that she would have to start learning English nursery rhymes to teach her baby. It didn’t seem appropriate to tell her what this particular nursery rhyme was actually about.

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