Vote Notes

Though an Irish citizen, I have never voted here before. A woman came round a few months ago asking me to fill in a form. I thought it had to do with signing up to the electoral register (but I was worried about what was happening in Eastenders at the time, so I may not have been fully on the ball). Well, I’ve checked the register, and I’m not there. Those bastards. This is clearly a tactic to stop me from voting.

So maybe I’m a moron. But I’m new around here, if 7 years can still be considered ‘new’.

I plan to register though, so I checked the form.

It says:

If you are applying after an election or referendum has been called, please note that the application must reach the City or County Council concerned on or before the fourteenth day (Sundays, public holidays and Good Friday excluded) before polling day in order to be considered for inclusion in the supplement for that election or referendum.

It’s 30th April now. The election is the 24th May. The fourteenth day before polling day, then, by my calculation, would be the 8th of May, or tomorrow week. Not a whole lot of time for a hard workin’ man, considering I have to go to the Garda station with my application and send it off and that.

Voting fever eh? So exciting. The only candidate to doorstep me so far has been the Fianna Fail candidate, for whom I would never vote in a gazillion years, but he was a nice enough chap. Some sort of goalkeeper, apparently.

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