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Not so obscure object of desire

The Toyota RAV4 is the perfect vehicle for people whose relatively affluent existence has them secretly wishing to perpetrate murderous violence against their partners.

Trocaire Box Populi

Via Blurred Keys and Fergus Cassidy, I see that I was quoted without attribution in the Sunday Business Post on, er, Sunday, in relation to this post.

I’m not particularly bothered about my site not getting mentioned, because I could have said something far more apposite and witty, and also because publicity is not one of my priorities, but I can understand why bloggers would want to see some form of etiquette observed.

Bloggers are a handy source of opinion for newspapers, since they result in lower production costs for a newspaper than if the newspaper had to pay someone to go out and ask a group of people in the street for their opinions, or even if the journalist had to make the quotes up. But it would be nice if they were quoted in exchange.

Just so as you know, however, I am more than happy to provide an anonymous quote for any story going. The only stipulation is that instead of getting referred to as ‘a blogger’ under such circumstances, I must be described in the report either as ‘a person’, or ‘a member of the public’.

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