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Coping With Piles

I had a look at my bank statement the other day. Apart from a distinct lack of zeroes, it seems I have been spending lots of money since before Christmas, with nothing to show for it save a load of books.

I’ve been rather conscientious about reading most of the books bought since Christmas, but somewhat backward about attacking the unread books previously accumulated.

So I was thinking. I’m not going to buy another book until I get through my current pile, and as a means of motivation, I’m going to write a review of each one as I go along.

The pile:

Jonathan Franzen – The Discomfort Zone

Ronan Bennett – Havoc, In Its Third Year

Kazuo Ishiguro – Never Let Me Go

Javier Cercas – La velocidad de la luz

Juan Rulfo – Pedro Páramo

Brian Dillon – In The Dark Room

Sara Roy – Failing Peace – Gaza and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

David Mitchell – Black Swan Green

Roberto Bolaño – Los detectives salvajes

Eduardo Mendoza – Mauricio o las elecciones primarias

I reckon I can do one a week, which means I can go out and buy myself another book for May Day. I’m also cheating somewhat here, since I have included neither the books given to me by other people (I may not finish Sholokhov’s mammoth Quiet Flows The Don this side of fifty) nor those I have started but left unfinished.

The first one up for review is the last one on the list.

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