Aye Right

If any of you bloggers based in Ireland any spare quality of life on their hands, feel free to send it in my direction.

An executive summary of my own quality-of-life review for the last year:

Hospitals: A disgrace.

Doctors: Unsympathetic and often authoritarian, reminiscent of how members of holy orders used to be years ago.

Transport system: Let’s say I got a job that required me to travel on the M50 every morning and evening, and it paid me 50% more money than what I earn now. I wouldn’t take it, because I value what little quality of life I have. Public transport is improving, to be fair.

Towns and Cities: Filthy. The centre of the capital is characterised by the absence of anyone over the age of 65, since these people stay off the streets less they get bundled over by the dead-eyed drudges who make up the bulk of the population.

People: Dead-eyed and selfish drudges obsessed with property prices. Many people are a curious mix of posh manqué and feral.

Housing: Did I tell you that my house has gone up by 500% in the last 3 years?

Food: Getting better. Weird obsession with orange cheese.

Work: No thanks.

If Ireland is the ‘best place in the world to live’, the world must be a very miserable place indeed.

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