Post Script

Times like this I wish I was a graphologist. What might one say about a man who dots his capital I’s?

The common assumption is that Loyalists are stupid. This is not without justification, but Michael Stone’s note -assuming it is authentic and not dictated by someone else- indicates a good command of the English language. His prose is quite coherent, apart from one slip where he ends up saying that he withdrew from his previous mission to assassinate the Irish Republican ‘war criminals’ (takes one to know one, I guess). ‘History has an inevitability of repeating itself’ is a bit of a mouthful, but it would not look out of place on an angry weblog.

His project plan is a bit demented though. It is clear that it is not intended to function as a plan for his own reference, but rather as the first draft of what he would like history to record.

He is a megalomaniac out to create his own myth: ‘freelance-dissident’ indeed. Note the allusion to the Zapatistas in his sign-off, too. Heaven knows what ‘lose the golf balls’ is supposed to mean.

As for his nickname – ‘Flint’ – I have this awful mental image of Michael Stone eking our an painting career for himself decorating children’s bedrooms with illustrations of the Flintstones.

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