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I’m not racist, but you have no right to be here

From Slugger, the Tele has another story about racist abuse in Northern Ireland:

“One of the most frightening incidents was outside a local chip shop. A girl cycled right up to us and started shouting, ‘niggers’. She blocked us in with her bike and would not let us past. I was in bits. I had to phone my father to get him to come and pick us up. Even though I was with them it did not stop the abuse.”

Last week I was looking at one of the local papers in Armagh. The front page story reported on the aftermath of this one, which details how a woman fled the town with her baby after receiving racist threats.

The angle of the story is a curious one: local residents were offended that they had been cast as racist.

Apparently the police did not class the incident as ‘racially motivated’, but they had confirmed that a number of ‘racial statements’ had been made at the time. So, whilst the offending parties may have wanted the woman to get the hell out of her home, the fact that they called her a [add your own racial epithet here] had nothing to do with them wanting her to leave.

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