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Keanu had to learn an Armagh accent for Richard …

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Keanu had to learn an Armagh accent for Richard Linklater’s new film.


Liberation by Linkbox

I apologise for my post on Northern Ireland ‘local interest’ stories the other day. The earth-shattering announcement that they’re planning to erect a monument to one half of Massey-Ferguson has really put me in my place. No, really. The people of Northern Ireland should cherish this sort of thing. In fact, in the interests of national pride, they should stage award ceremonies for young turks inspired by the inventor of the mechanisms of the modern tractor. I am thinking perhaps ‘The Soda Farl Young Innovators’.

Jimi Idyll

Louis Theroux tells of an egregious gap in Jeremy Paxman’s knowledge:

‘I make a point of watching University Challenge. It was odd this week as they had a mistake on that they didn’t acknowledge. Paxo asked a question about Jimi Hendrix, to which the answer was “Voodoo Chile”. The guy gave the right answer, but Paxman didn’t realise it was idiomatic and said “No, it’s Voodoo Chil-e,” pronouncing it like the country.’

It’s hard to take someone seriously after a slip-up like that. But then again, there are plenty of words I have seen written down that I have never heard spoken. Like androgyny (must be down to the company I keep – full of manly men and womanly women and no Placebo fans); idyll (is it ih-dill or does it rhyme with piddle?); turgid (is that a hard ‘g’ sound, or does it rhyme with rigid?).

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