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Prod Mile Failte

I was up in Donegal at the weekend. As usual, it pissed it down a fair amount of the time. On the way back down to Dublin we went through Rossnowlagh, which is famous for hosting an Orange Order parade in an atmosphere of calm and tolerance. We passed a lorry trailer parked in a field on the way in. There was a tricolour painted on it, and in thick blue paint it said ‘Prod’s Out IRA’. Beside that it said ‘EIRE’ in big letters.

Photoshop Will Absolve Me

I see some bloggers have been poring over the bed-ridden Castro picture where he is apparently holding a copy of Granma with the headline ‘ABSUELTO POR LA HISTORIA’, claiming that the photo is doctored.

Read this for a forensic approach:

. . a close examination at 1000% magnification of Fidel’s right hand in the first photo, where he is holding the newspaper at the bottom, shows a perfectly straight line of vertical pixels where his thumb and fingers meet the newspaper. This type of artifact is usually a sign of photo manipulation, although that is not definite.

1000% magnification! It’s the friggin’ X-files. Back in the real world, a man with one blind eye and one wooden one could spot that the photo is doctored.

Although not a regular subscriber to Granma (it is an extremely dreary read, as I found out in Havana), I would be very surprised if it chose to publish an edition, on the event of Castro’s hospitalisation, which made direct reference in its headline to Castro’s famous ‘History Will Absolve Me’ speech. (The translation of the ‘headline’ is ‘Absolved By History’) Well, maybe it would do, but only if he was already dead. This begs the question for a worldwide legion of seat-sniffing photoshop enthusiasts: is Castro dead?

The photo was deliberately doctored by some wag having a larf. Or someone out to impress Gloria Estefan.

If I am proven wrong, I have no fear: I can be confident that the Internet Will Absolve Me.

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