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Blight Of The Gods

I know I’ve knocked GAA commentators in the past, but Joe Brolly does a good job of summing things up here:

‘Defending the eight, Joe Brolly said there had been a meeting last Monday of the Derry Anti-War Coalition at which it was agreed they would hold a peaceful protest.

He described the charges faced by the men as excessive and proposed purely to prevent a magistrate granting them immediate bail.

He said: “This was essentially a matter of conscience. There is no requirement for these people to spend lengthy periods on remand in prison.”

He said Raytheon made “light of the gods”. Saying, “What they do and do extremely well is make missiles. They are purveyors of death.

“They made 21.9 billion dollars last year and are the fifth biggest arms manufacturer in the world. They make bunker-buster bombs, Tomahawk and Patriot missiles, all of which are used in Iraq and currently in the Lebanon.”

Let Freedom Reign

Four in ten Americans think that Muslims should carry a special ID.

Upping The Anti-

Out of interest, who are you backing in the upcoming tussle between the anti-Christ and China over Israel? To be honest, I’m in two minds on this one. I guess it all depends on who is really the head of the European Union at the time, because that’s who’s going to be the anti-Christ.

It’s pretty safe to say that the anti-Christ will be the head of government of whichever country holds the EU presidency at the time of the upcoming conflict. There’s a lot could change between now and the time of the confrontation, and given elections in each of the member states, the question of who turns out to be the anti-Christ is a bit of a tombola.

I think it’s unlikely to happen before the end of the year, though given Finnish enthusiasm for death metal as evidenced by their Eurovision Song Contest win, you never can be too sure.

At the minute though, my eyes are on July-December 2017, when the UK holds the presidency. The Prime Minister then will be someone like Michael Gove, who certainly looks like the anti-Christ.

If it’s the Finns in charge, I think the Chinese could pull off a surprise result. But a European Union led by a Britain buoyed by the confidence of having just elected the anti-Christ could give the Chinese a good hammering.

Even so, you get the feeling that if the anti-Christ was leading the European Union, you’d have to fear that he or she would get unnecessarily held back by too much red-tape on one hand and the same old whinges about a ‘democratic deficit’ on the other.

Our Man In Beirut

Seriously funny stuff from The Daily Show.

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