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L for Leather

Learner drivers. I feel your pain and humiliation in having to sport a large white sticker on the front and back windscreen of your car that indicates to onlookers and other drivers that you do not yet know how to drive. But I have some advice for you. Cutting out the white background to leave only the red L only makes people who really know how to drive think you feel desperately inadequate at your own incompetence behind the wheel.

Begin The Begun

I spoken with a person during the weekend who done me the service of passing on the comments of one reader that perhaps I been unable to tell the difference between the past simple and the past participle. Said reader shown as evidence the appearance of ‘I begun’ in the post below. I been aghast, as it was yet another instance of how rushed typing and cutting, pasting and chopping can result in errors which provide an unnecessary distraction from the point you are trying to make. This is not mere pedantry: if a person written something full of grammatical errors, you would be inclined to think that his thought was full of analogous errors. Had I knew that such mistakes would have did such damage to the thrust of the piece I would have went through it with a fine tooth comb before clicking on the Publish Post button. So I undertaken to do much better in the future.

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