What is obvious to everyone covering this conflict is that children are bearing the brunt of it.

Religious Extremism:

The operation is codenamed “Samson’s Pillars,” a collective punishment of the 1.4 million Gazans, subjecting them to a Lebanese-style offensive that has targeted the civilian infrastructure by destroying water mains, the main power station, and bridges.

Asymmetric Warfare:

Power stations, bridges, key manufacturing and food factories in Lebanon are ruined, the entire industrial estate of Gaza pulverised. The ancient city centre of Nablus has been demolished. Whole villages in south Lebanon and sections of refugee camps in Gaza have been obliterated.

Existential Threat:

The United States secretary of state sees Israel as the vulnerable party, which is ironic taking into account that the Israelis and the Americans insanely saw this operation as one which would end Israeli vulnerability once and for all.


Despite escalating violence in southern Lebanon, EU foreign ministers rejected a draft statement that would have called for an immediate ceasefire and would have branded Israel’s bombardment as “a severe breach of international humanitarian law”. In a semantic bow to Washington and Tel Aviv, they called instead “for an immediate cessation of hostilities to be followed by a sustainable ceasefire”.

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