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Lend Me Your Ear

As Dick notes, there was a bit of a session yesterday at the European Parliament about the 70th anniversary of Franco’s coup on 18 July 1936. Apart from the remarks from the Polish guy, the session was also notable for the contribution of Partido Popular big noise Jaime Mayor Oreja, who, as El Mundo notes, managed to make his statement without any reference to the coup d’etat or Franco, despite the fact that the title of the debate was ‘70 years after the coup d’etat of General Franco in Spain’, preferring to talk about the danger of the “creation of new nations that have never existed”.

On that note, one person who was happier to mention Franco was María San Gil, president of the Partido Popular in the Basque Country, although she did so in a rather different context. She described the meeting between the secretary general of the Basque Socialist Party Patxi López and Batasuna spokesman Arnaldo Otegi as reminiscent of the meeting between Hitler and Franco.

It is not clear from her remarks as to who was Hitler and who was Franco, although I think we can guess. This begs the question, at least it does for me anyway, as I don’t know that much about the woman: is she simply classifying this as an encounter between two fascist despots for the hell of it, or is her criticism implying that Franco really shouldn’t have met Hitler because legitimate politicians should never appease fascists? If it is the latter, the ironing is delicious, as Bart would say.

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