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Frankly, I Blame The Children

“More parents are seeking help because they are being bullied by their adult children, a charity has claimed.”

Out of Tuna

The Esperanza voyage – and leaks from scientific reports – suggest that the
Mediterranean bluefin may now be close to the point of no

That’s it – from now on I’m only going to buy tins of tuna with ‘tuna friendly’ printed on the label.

The K Club is Shit

Northern Ireland golf clubs are far better, it says here. So if anyone wants to rent a house for a couple of weeks three quarters of an hour’s drive from some of the clubs mentioned, give me a shout. Two grand a week.

A Horse’s Tale

World Cup fever is really getting to some people. Like the person who arrived at this site last night looking for Ruud Van Nistelrooy slash fiction.


Via Slugger, this Life and Times Survey for Northern Ireland is great crack. As with most surveys, you can infer all sorts of stuff from it to meet your own requirements. The good thing about this one is that it allows you to spot the differences between Catholics and Protestants. Hours of fun.

For instance:

52% of Catholics agreed or strongly agreed that Muslims have been unfairly portrayed in the media since September 11th, whereas only 36% of Protestants felt similarly.

Some possible interpretations:

  • Catholics are Islamofascist sympathisers;
  • Protestants read better quality newspapers;
  • Catholics would have a better grasp of the issues, because they’re more likely to be sitting at home in front of Sky News during the day;
  • Catholics believe that Muslims were unfairly portrayed simply because they got too much coverage (at expense of Catholics);
  • Protestants know an unfair portrayal when they see it, and this wasn’t one of them


80% of Catholics would feel very comfortable with a dentist from an ethnic minority, as opposed to 67% of Protestants.

Possible interpretations:

  • As Protestants are more likely to visit the dentist, they are simply more realistic in their expectations of visiting the dentist.
  • Catholics are more likely to be getting their treatment for free, so they’re less choosy about the quality, even if it is a foreign import;
  • Catholics are more likely to tell lies.

Guinea Foul

ENGLAND’S next clash will be against a nation of GUINEA PIG eaters.

All you need to know about Ecuador, from The Sun.

Allium Roots

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This here flower, growing out the back, is an Allium. Allium is the Latin for garlic, hence ail in French, aglio in Italian and ajo in Spanish. If you come across a word ending in -ail in French, there’s a pretty good chance that it’ll end in -aglio in Italian and -ajo in Spanish. Likewise -aille in French would be -aglia in Italian and -aja in Spanish. Also -alho/alho in Portuguese.

Example: travail, work, in French is trabajo in Spanish, and trabalho in Portuguese. Travaglio in Italian has the slightly different meaning, more like ‘suffering’ (I know how they feel).

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