What Happened To U?

For someone of my vintage, UTV is Ulster Television, ‘Ulster’ meaning Ulster minus Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan. So when I read a report on its site saying that the Republic of Ireland has one of the lowest government spends on healthcare of any developed country, I get confused when it comments that:

The total spend here is just 7.1% of GDP, while the OECD average stands at 8.9%

The key word in the above is ‘here’, as the person who wrote the report is clearly in the Republic, not in Northern Ireland, and she/he refers to it as ‘Ireland’, which is the sort of thing that gets frowned upon by unionist sticklers for detail.

Ulster Television. I spent many hours of my childhood watching that spinning silver television with your logo on it, which looked for all the world like the remains of a shish kebab wrapped in tin-foil, waiting for television programmes like Orm and Cheep and Button Moon to start. Back in those days, I knew where I was, and that was in Ulster.

Now, well you’re just all over the shop. And the health system I pay for is shit.

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