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Sing If You’re Losing

I am feeling aimless today. This afternoon I sat through the whole of Sister Act 2. Despite being truly awful there were bits I sort of enjoyed, although I have never been able to warm to that singing style which demands that you should sing 43 different notes when one will do. Whoopi Goldberg had a couple of good lines.

I quite like the message of the film – that if you’ve no future and your school’s closing, you can turn things around by singing and dancing for your rich patrons. If you prove that you have enough talent, they might have a change of heart. This is a very useful message for the real world. The day my own job heads east, I’m going to knock off my own rendition of Aquarius from Hair, and see if that impresses the change managers.

Lazy, but Loving It

I still buy the Sunday Times the odd time. It beats being preached at from the pulpit, because you can have a cup of tea and have the radio on at the same time. Today the Irish edition informs us that Dubliners are top of the lazy league.

The reason they are lazy, from the article, is because they work almost one and a half hours a week less than those living in Munster, Connacht and Ulster. So, according to logic of the headline, if you aren’t working right now, you’re being lazy.

Then you have creep with a car Jeremy Clarkson saying that ‘The simple fact of the matter is that, for the vast majority of the time, the vast majority of the people like and enjoy their jobs.’ Well if he says it, I guess it must be true. Thank the lord I’m in a tiny minority. The world could be so much worse if everyone was in the same position as me.

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