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I’m still trying to get a banner to brighten the place up a bit. I thought about using this picture above, which is one of the hostas from the garden. But I didn’t want to come over all Georgia O’Keefe.

Nation of Shopkeepers

The other day I was talking to a person who works as a shop assistant in a small town in Northern Ireland. She told me that those who work in the shop are asked by the management to make sure they are especially vigilant around foreigners, Eastern Europeans in particular. In a moment of sublime ignorance, one of the managers -whose favoured mode of vigilance is to stand glowering in silence at all non-locals who enter- complained to her the other day that Eastern Europeans were very unfriendly, because they never bothered to say hello on entering the shop.

A Bad Spell

Blog tip: if you’re going to get on your high horse about something, you better check your spelling before posting. Especially if the word is condescension. (See post below)

My spelling has gotten worse over the last ten years. Before it was immaculate. Now it’s slightly, ah, maculate.

‘Dumbing down’ fears expressed about ‘Dumbing down’

The Irish Independent has it on its front page today. I don’t understand how anyone who uses the term can expect to be taken seriously.

‘Dumbing down’ normally means mean doing away with important complexity so that the(presumably ignorant) masses can understand. As with many terms, the irony with which it was first delivered has dissipated with repeated usage, so much so that it is now inevitable, if you describe something as ‘dumbed down’, you are also guilty of ‘dumbing down’ yourself. As such, the use of the term demonstrates a certain lack of self-awareness, and a soupçon of condescenscion to boot.

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