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Serpentine Malapropism

Excerpt from a phone call yesterday:

“..and I found myself having to deny it venomously”

which is going all the way up to 11 in the denial stakes. To deny something vehemently is normally sufficient.

Blaugrana Blog-a-rama

I would like to see Barcelona win tonight’s match, mainly because I think Ronaldinho is the most exciting player I’ve seen play live on telly.

However, I’m not allowing this to influence my prediction:

3-1 to Barcelona
Scorers for Barcelona: Eto’o (2), Deco.
Scorer for Arsenal: Ljungberg.

Yes, I know I said I’d lay off for a week, but I’m weak.

UPDATE: Well, in the end I found myself hoping Eto’o would sink another in order to give my prediction a bit more respectability, but my prediction was based on both teams ending the game with 11 men. When I saw Terje Hauge lining out at the start, I remarked to the brother-in-law that there was a good chance he would ruin the match, although I couldn’t quite remember why.

God knows he tried. Referees who value officiousness above the spirit of the game are a blight. Some of the decisions were shocking, and as an almost-neutral, I was aghast. The expulsion of Lehmann could have ruined the game as a spectacle, but to Arsenal’s credit, they put up a bit of a fight. They could have put the game beyond Barcelona on a couple of occasions, but each missed opportunity only made Barcelona’s eventual victory all the more inevitable (if that makes sense).

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