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What Would Jim Henson Say About These Muppets?

Catherine Bennett identifies What Would George Orwell Say? as a secular version of What Would Jesus Do? in today’s Guardian, something that had occurred to me last August. An illustration of how hard it is to think up a totally original take on things. What Would Dan Brown Say?

Orwell gets invoked ad nauseam as an authority by sanctimonious bores. He might have been a seminal writer, but he was also as capable of talking bollocks as the next man, as I was saying to the Northern Irish Magyar the other day. I think ‘What Would Rudyard Kipling Say?’ would be far more interesting. There should be more Ulster 1912-style poems written about current affairs. Maybe one on bird flu, and one about Iran’s uranium enrichment programme. They would clarify things immensely.

‘Hordes of violent movie fans’

Not that Rajkumar‘s movies were particularly violent, but the fans who rioted in Bangalore after his death most certainly were, according to the Telegraph of Calcutta. The Hindu says that the fans ‘indulged in violence’. Manmohan Singh has condoled the death of an actor who ‘enthralled the nation with his histrionic talents and his mellifluous voice for more than five decades‘.

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