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White Irish are A1

Census Question 14:

What is your ethnic or cultural background?

A. White
1. Irish
2. Irish Traveller
3. Any other White background

B. Black or Black Irish
4. African
5. Any other Black background

C. Asian or Asian Irish
6. Chinese
7. Any other Asian background

D. Other, including mixed background
8. Other, write in description

A L’oeuf Supreme

I saw a billboard poster from Bord Bia this morning, presumably intended to coincide with Easter, which told me that ‘An Egg A Day is OK’. The accompanying image was of scrambled eggs cut with cherry tomatoes and scallions, or maybe it was chives.

Two things:

1. If you want people to eat more eggs, ‘an egg a day is ok’ doesn’t seem likely to do it. It’s hardly a ringing endorsement of the foodstuff in question, as it implicitly confirms that there are some conditions under which eating an egg is not ok. Top marks for being truthful, but since when was that the goal of advertising? Slogan-wise, the UK’s ‘Go to work on an egg’ is hard to beat.

2. Cherry tomatoes? How revolting. The only ingredients required for excellent scrambled eggs are butter, salt, black pepper and a dash of milk*. Anything else is, er, over-egging it.

*and, of course, eggs.

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