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Green Field No. 4

So 80% of Irish people want ‘a nation once again’, according to the Sunday Business Post, via Slugger O’Toole. Wow. I’m willing to bet a fiver that that’s a far higher figure than say, the percentage of people in the Republic who have actually visited Northern Ireland. OK, so you couldn’t criticise South Koreans for expressing the same sentiment, but on this isle it’s slightly easier to travel north. I’ve lost count of the number of people who have said to me, “yeah man, I’ll have to go up some time.” This sort of poll has to be viewed in the context of a wider predisposition to liking distant places you’ve never visited or lived in. Look at the number of Irish people buying property in places like Bulgaria and Turkey, fer chrissakes.

Great Unwashed

Clearing the way:

“We had to deal with blast bombs and gunfire. They gave us a proportionate and appropriate, graduated response. They can save lives and are a means of de-escalating public order situations. They can be used at high pressure (15 bar) or to create an intense haze of water – which makes it difficult to breath (sic) and disrupts sit-down protests.”

See, Northern Ireland does have its uses. It can serve as a petri-dish experiment for security concerns in other places, like Cambridgeshire, Avon and Somerset, and the Republic of Ireland.

Polishing Performer

David Beckham has an OCD, which may go some way towards explaining why he’s very good at crossing and free kicks.

His missus:

We’ve got three fridges – food in one, salad in another and drinks in the third. In the drinks one, everything is symmetrical. If there’s three cans, he’ll throw one away because it has to be an even number.

Surely it’s only a matter of time before he chucks out one of the fridges. And if I were baby Cruz, I’d be getting worried.

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