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Playing Cricket Not Quite Cricket

Millions sit in hotel rooms and watching CNN and BBC World, existing in an absurd limbo. I recommend it to no-one. Yesterday I watched pictures of Bush in Pakistan, then heard an interview with Imran Khan who had been placed under house arrest for the duration of the Bush visit, then saw more pictures of Bush, this time playing cricket. Weird stuff.

Overhead Locker Shocker

One of these days there’ll be someone throttled on a plane because the overhead lockers are full and some guy can’t get his luggage up.

Finnishing Off with A Little Bit of S&N

Back in Ireland from Finland, which is a most wonderful country, if still a little chilly this time of year. I may post more on it at some stage. The monotony and confined spaces of air travel allow one’s mind to drift toward higher things. For instance, this afternoon I started thinking about song titles that begin with an S and end with an N.

Superstition – Stevie Wonder
Step On – Happy Mondays
Sit Down (ugh) – James
Soul Man – Sam and Dave
Son of A Gun – Nirvana
Sundown, Sundown – Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood
Solitary Man – Neil Diamond
Shine On – The House of Love

These are the ones I remember from the flight.

Please add.

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