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How L’Eau Can You Go?

Compulsory water meters are to be installed in Southern England, partly due to the fact that people living there flush the toilet more than anywhere else in Europe. Perhaps they should allow All-Bran purchases to be tax deductable.

Wear Your Ashes With Pride

It’s Ash Wednesday today, the first day of Lent, where you get your ashes and give up enjoyable things, so why not kill two birds with one stone by stubbing out your last cigarette on your forehead?

I haven’t seen anyone wearing ashes today in Finland, very possibly because the majority of people belong to the Lutheran National Church. Meanwhile back in Northern Ireland people are wearing ashes as if they’d been applied with a yardbrush, keeping the fringe at bay with a good dose of hairspray. It seems that way anyway. I suspect that the point of this ostentatious display is to show how much of a Catholic one is, instead of how one is dust and unto dust shall be returned.

The ashes are supposed to take the form of a cross, but any time I got them, they took the form of a big fat smudge.

Manuel Estimulo has more.


A lot of Irish political froth concerns eternally disputable and highly tedious claims to authenticity: who are the true heirs of 1916, who are the real Oglaigh na hEireann etcetera. With this in mind, I wish to comment on the speculation about the role played by RSF in Saturday’s riots. As far as I am concerned, there is only one RSF, and that is these guys.

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