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The holiday season has given me some time to reflect on blogging matters.

This blog was started following about 15 minutes’ forethought to the name, the content and the format. For those who get the reference, the title might be mildly amusing the first time. For me, it is like a rather malodorous albatross carrying a large millstone in its beak.

Private correspondence with readers has revealed that some may think ‘Most Sincerely Folks’ refers to the way I try to comment, as if the blog were an exercise in raw honesty, perhaps a bit like Les Dennis’s comeback tour. This is rather unfortunate, as it is certainly not the intention.

I have been wondering if I should take this blog more seriously. Sometimes I look at, which these days seems to be full of posts about people pimping their blogs with all sorts of technical stuff, and guidelines about how to make your blog sit up and bark for the reader. It all seems to indicate momentum towards a greater sense of professionalism in blogging, and whilst I have no plans for this to be anything other than an amateur endeavour, it leads me to think that at the moment I’m not getting the most out of the time I devote to it.

To this end, I have put together a few of blog-related resolutions for the new year.

A lick of paint

I have threatened to do this a few times, but have never managed to get round to it. The grey is a turn-off.

No blogging at work

Not because I have been guilt-stricken by my blog-related activities in work, but because I think it makes for inferior output. The content becomes shackled to the daily routine of the workplace; the same pages get perused for ideas and things get tapped out according to work deadlines, thus deadening the content.

Pictures and photos

More of these.

Put some fancy-ass technical stuff on

Because a fair amount of my day is already devoted to matters technological, I have studiously avoided getting too hung up on the technical side of things. I have often thought it would be like a supermarket worker returning home and making sure his kitchen cupboards were neatly filled and stacked. Still, I think that the page could benefit from a few extra features. I’ll probably ditch blogspot, too.

Planning posts

Current approach to posting is as follows: sit down, rock head back and forth for a few minutes, then type like mad. Publish without reading through what has been written, then give the published post the once-over for spelling and grammar. Pay no heed to actual content.

Sometimes I have found that this approach can work better than sitting down and sketching things out before putting the post together. But most of the time it doesn’t work at all, as I spend a lot of time starting posts that never see the light of day.

Anyway, Happy 2006 to all who read this.


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