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Mariano Rajoy’s Not-Quite-Final Destination

As Dick noted yesterday, Spanish opposition leader Mariano Rajoy had a rather bad day, what with his helicopter crashing and him breaking two fingers in the event.

Speaking after, Rajoy, claiming powers akin to those of the protagonist of Final Destination, commented:

‘Tuve una mezcla de conocimiento e intuición de que íbamos a tener el accidente, incluso ayer lo dije, dije ‘yo creo que aquí va a pasar algo”

that is,

‘I had a mix of knowing and intuition that we were going to have the accident, I even said it yesterday, I said, ‘I think something’s going to happen here.’

which makes me wonder:

1. If he knew about the accident beforehand, how come he got into the helicopter?

2. If he said to people that he thought something was going to happen, was no-one listening?

3. What do you call it when someone does something like that, i.e. subsequently asserts control over a historical event totally beyond his control by claiming ‘I knew it was going to happen’.? It ought to be said that this is not a phenomenon confined to Spanish right-wing politicians.

4. Is there another explanation for this sort of thing? When a person gets into a helicopter, or an airplane, I’m sure it passes through their mind at some stage that the craft is going to crash, if only for the briefest of moments. Is it that when the imagined event becomes reality, there is an urge to make a connection between the prior act of imagination and the crash itself?

Answers on a postcard.

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