For Shame

No doubt in a characteristically selfless act to compensate the British nation for the loss of George Best, the last few days have seen the re-emergene of another loveable rogue and sporting genius. Max Hastings wonders why Jeffrey Archer and his ilk can inspire such forgiving loyalty:

You ask: “What about forgiveness?” This, surely, can only follow contrition. Archer is devoid of shame or regret, except about getting found out. He still claims to be a wronged man. Likewise, Jonathan Aitken proposed himself for a return to parliament.

he explains:

This is the age of chutzpah, in which shamelessness will get you anywhere.

What needs to be revived, I think, is the old tradition of bellowing SHAAAME!! at people whose behaviour leaves a lot to be desired, whatever the circumstances. I have always found it works a treat, and leaves the target uneasy and redfaced.

Next time you get splattered against the doors of a train by icily impassive commuters with the manners of a buffalo, be sure to let fly with a sonorous SHAAAME!!, with plenty of bass, and watch the bastards shrivel up and die.

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