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Storm of lies

I presume that this is true:

One month after the storm, however, it appears that few, if any, of the most lurid reports breathlessly repeated on American television, echoed in official statements and duly reported in many of the world’s newspapers, had any basis in fact.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar….

I see that pesky Luis Posada Carriles is still in the US. Have I already made the joke about the CIA giving him an exploding cigar? Perhaps they should try a pair of exploding Cuban heels.

Blogging Decommissioning

Following Gerry Adams’s remarks (I can’t find them – they were on TV) about a senior Unionist’s remarks about the IRA committing ‘Harry Carry’ (the Homewrecker?) on the lawns of Stormont, I wondered if there would be any value in committing weblog Harry Carry.

In other words, I am considering putting this weblog completely and verifiably beyond use. I might start another one, but with a bit more structure to its content.

Then again, I mightn’t bother my ass. But I’m blogging the thought anyway.

Decommissioning Jobs

I watched the De Chastelain press conference yesterday.

No doubt members of the press pack will tell you that their questions were rigorously inquisitive, given the day that was in it. Maybe, but I got the feeling that here was a group of people whose days of covering the big stories were ending, and this was reflected in the utter retentiveness of their questioning.

Next stop stories about controversial roundabouts and the ‘new Crazy Frog’, lads and lasses.

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