Marriage Hearses Also Available in Pink

Gay marriage is being legalised in Spain. (Spanish-speaking anoraks can read the amendment to the Civil Code here.)

One wonders if the protests against the upcoming Pride march in Belfast will match the colour (well, there’s plenty of red and yellow there anyway) of the anti-gay marriage rally held a week or so ago in Spain. Experience tells me that this might not be the case. As I was saying to the N. Irish Magyar, the protest last year didn’t seem to amount to much. There were a few evangelical Christians bunched together, reading scripture and holding up placards and preaching at passers by. Same as any normal Saturday in Belfast, really. (UPDATE: amusing Back Seat Drivers post)

Anyway, the BBC’s correspondent ends her report on how this legislation with a dizzying flourish:

Spain is fast becoming the Sweden of the Mediterranean.

Nice one. Which country is the Spain of Scandinavia?

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