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Aborted Musical Experiment

I decided I wasn’t going to post anything today, but I changed my mind.

I have no great technological curiosity. However, I had my music set to ‘Shuffle’ on Windows Media Player this morning, and I couldn’t help think that there was some similarity between each track selected and the preceding track. Granted, this perception may be down to a relatively homogeneous taste in music, or a suggestive nature, so I have jotted down the last thirteen tracks listened to in order to see if there is any sort of discernible logical progression.

(I accept that this is about as scientific as pissing in a fridge)

The Ledge – Fleetwood Mac

Go All The Way – The Raspberries

Old Man – Neil Young

The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress – Jimmy Webb (high pitched male singers for the last 4 songs)

Might as Well – The Raspberries (definitely on a 70s roll here)

White America – Eminem (Er, no obvious connection here)

Instrumental Suits – High Llamas (A kind of Bacharach/Surfs Up-era Beach Boys instrumental doodle that bears no resemblence whatsoever to the previous tracks)

Black Dog – Led Zepellin (no connection, apart from the first few bars, before the song starts good and proper, where it sounds like Jimmy Page is messing around with a violin bow on his guitar, making a kind of helicopter sound. The same sort of thing you hear on High Llamas tracks)

Cool Cool Water – The Beach Boys (in white rock terms far away from Black Dog as you can get. Which might be the point. The thing is coded to find contrasting styles!??)

Approaching Pavonis Mons – The Flaming Lips (an instrumental track that bears superficial resemblance to the High Llamas one)

No One Knows – Queens Of The Stone Age (this experiment is starting to wear thin, methinks)

God Loves Everyone – Ron Sexsmith (sentimental and maudlin folksy plod)

Alfie – Burt Bacharach. (OK I give up.)

That’ll be a no then.

As I was doing the exercise, I think I know where I may have acquired the idea in the first place. (The book, not the page)

We have a lot of hard work to do today…..

David Vance has a post on A Tangled Web about Endings And Beginnings to songs.

Today I shall not be blogging. The reasons for this remind me of one of my favourite beginnings to a song, that of Government Centre by Jonathan Richman. Even though I don’t work for the government.

You know, we’ve got a lot of hard work to do today
(Background voices): What might that be Jonathan?

Singing begins:
Well we’ve got alot alot alot of hard work today
We gotta rock at the government center
To make the secretaries feel better
When they put those stamps on the letters

And they got alot alot alot of great desks and chairs
Uh huh, at the government center
We gotta make the secretaries feel better
When they put those stamps on all those letters


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