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Green: ‘Not Big Fan of Green’

They turned up the other night. I had begun to suspect I had given in to an unconscious desire and turfed them out, absent minded, in the course of a routine clear out. No sign of them in the piles of leaflets offering the services of window cleaners, alarm fitters and armpit waxers. Nor in the neat set of files that give the impression of an ordered life.

Ancestors of mine used to pray to St. Anthony to help find things they had lost. I am neither religious nor a believer in saintly intervention, but I did wonder for a moment if the act of prayer helped to retrieve from memory the location of a misplaced item.

I needed to find them not because I really needed them, but because of my fate if they remained lost. One hundred and eighteen fucking euro for two concert tickets. The price would be taken out of my hide.

They arrived via post a few months back, and I started to wonder if I had left them inside a book for safekeeping. I started taking down all the books off the shelves. In the end they were inside ‘How To Read And Why’ by Harold Bloom. Not a book I would often pick up (I got it cut-price in Hodges Figgis a couple of years ago), but I think I put the tickets there because I had been reading Blood Meridian at the time, and Bloom’s book has an excellent chapter on that.

So, REM on Saturday then. Maybe the reason I ‘lost’ the tickets in the first place is that I’m not too bothered about going. The last time I saw them play live was almost ten years ago in Slane Castle. Although I was a big fan at the time, I left rather underwhelmed, mainly because by the time they had started playing, my hangover had started kicking in: the eight cans of cider drunk outside the Castle grounds had left me with a thumping headache and a pierced nose. Also, I’m not really one for mass communal musical experiences. The lighters held aloft during ‘Everybody Hurts’ made me want to blow chunks.

But I like their albums, and would like to enjoy their concert. So as a means of mustering some enthusiasm I have listed them here, in reverse order of quality:

Fables Of The Reconstruction
Life’s Rich Pageant
Out Of Time
New Adventures In Hi-Fi
Around The Sun
Automatic for The People

Still going to have to sit through Moby, though. Shit.

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