It Would Be So Nice…

I’m off on holidays today. Holidays for me mean considering how I can best put an end to my wage slavery, and rather than indulge in the usual activity of googling ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes and browsing self-help books, I figure it’s time to stop procrastinating and write my own manual to assist others. Here are a few titles I’m mulling over:


The Rat Marathon
The race ain’t no sprint. You’re in this for the long run.

From Zero To Pharaoh
Harness the power of the pyramid scheme.

Throw Momma From The Gravy Train
How your elderly parents could inhibit your growth potential.

How To Fill The Empty Nest
Strategies for remortgaging your house and delighting your adult children.


The Uses And Abuses Of Literacy
Why this could be the last book you ever have to read

Those Who Can’t, Teach
They were wrong about you. Dead wrong.

English: The Toughest Tongue
Screw French. Find out why when it comes to languages, you’ve already got it licked.

Sum Girls Wander By Mistake
How being a man can count against you in maths class.

Ethics and Religion

Enough About Me. What Do You Think Of Me?
How to stay happy at the centre of the universe.

Jesus Christ, Fund Manager
Why Jesus loves the free market too.

Others to follow.

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