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I’m Offski

That time again. The non-working week has ground to a halt and I shall soon be casting off my office forg’d manacles and starting a 2 day period of debauchery and all-round loucheness.

Well, not quite. White knuckle ride up the M1 tomorrow to Belfast to buy some holiday threads for Friday week, stopping off in Armagh on the way back to watch the club formerly known as Manchester United beat Arsenal 2-0 in the FA Cup with goals from Rooney and Van Nistelrooy. Then weather permitting a spot of gardening on Sunday.

I will be placing the laptop in quarantine for all of Saturday, and may not post anything again until Sunday night, at which point I shall return, hopefully infused with insight and indignation.

Ciao, belli.

Siblings McCaul Appal

So Ireland are out.

But as erstwhile national hero Johnny Logan himself asks, what’s another year?

I can remember roaring and whooping in our house when the aforementioned Johnny won it for the second time with Hold Me Now. And I cringe.

Many people in Ireland are still anxiously fixated by it. The success of the You’re A Star TV programme shows this. I know people these days tend to watch and talk about it with one eyebrow raised, but you can only hold an ironic pose for so long before the irony starts to wear off.

The general attitude to it following Ireland’s dismal performance each year is like ‘ha ha, weren’t we awful eejits for getting so worked up about a silly song contest’, but perhaps this is just cognitive dissonance at not having won it for so long.

I suspect most people in Ireland would secretly love to win the Eurovision Song Contest again. It’d be like the good old days all over again, before double income mortgages, Ryanair and transnational corporations, when foreigners were foreigners and it seemed like everyone loved ‘the Irish’, whoever the hell they were.

If Poland have qualified for the final (and I can’t be bothered checking to see if they have) what’s the odds on the Irish phone poll (if they still do these things by poll – again I can’t be bothered checking) giving them douze points?

Or how about douze points for the Turkish entry (assuming they’ve reached the final)? We have been rather beastly to them of late….

Falling To The Communists

Checking out the opening times for the Chinese Embassy I noticed this. A problem with the internet sometimes is the impression it can sometimes give of news items being more interconnected than they actually are. But I wondered if the previous link is anything to do with this, or, indeed, this?

Having The Painters In

Loved this.

El otoño del patriarca

Margaret Thatcher’s afternoon tea companion Augusto Pinochet has had a stroke.

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