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Visa-vis Your Application

Probably won’t be posting anything for the rest of the day as I’ve spent the morning to-ing and fro-ing from the Chinese Embassy and I have to catch up with some work.

The last time I went it took 2 hours standing in a queue to get the urgent visa application processed. Today I was the first one there, so no such worries on that front.

Finished GB84 by David Peace on the way there, about the miners’ strike in Britain. Powerful stuff. George Galloway’s comments about Respect being the ‘enemy within’ seemed a tad hubristic, considering what happened to the last such ‘enemy’, as the book hammers home.

Got asked if there were any Falun Gong protesters there. There weren’t. Maybe they’d all read the Chinese Embassy’s letter.

Choice cut: ‘As an old saying goes, heed only one side and you will be benighted. Moreover, kindhearted people are easier to be deceived.’


D’Altro Mondo Alla Turca

Think Socialist TD. Think quickfire retort. Think Turkish workers. Think. Think. Think.
Turkish Delight no dammit that’s too recherché, Ali Baba, Abracadabra, Abrakebabra – Aha!

‘Stick to the kebabs.’

As Homer Simpson (and there is a certain resemblance there, people) would say, d’oh. (Hat-tip to Slugger)

Minister for Overseas Development, Fianna Fail TD (and soi-disant young Turk perhaps?) Conor Lenihan showed an impressive grasp of his brief in the Dail today by reducing exploited Turkish workers to the status of kebab eaters in a throwaway remark directed at Joe Higgins.

The question of his resignation has been raised in some quarters. While this would be welcome development, this is unlikely to be forthcoming. He has far more pressing concerns to attend– his obligations to the camel jockeys and the spear chuckers of this world are surely of greater importance than a mere slip of the tongue.

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