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A Bit Of A Let Off

Before leaving the topic of shopping centres for the forseeable future, I would like to share with you an incident that took place on a recent visit to a ladies’ boutique.

I am frequently towed along to these places by my girlfriend as my gruff exterior conceals a metrosexual’s eye for a fetching piece of fashionable apparel.

As I waited for my girlfriend to try on a garment in the changing rooms, I had an absent minded browse among the skirts on display. A woman moved alongside me and picked up a dress, gave it the once over, replaced it on the rack and moved away as quickly as she had arrived, in direction of the far corner of the shop.

As soon as she had left, I was enveloped by a faintly sulphorous, eggy odour. She had pulled up alongside me to let one off, probably supposing that a solitary man is a more plausible culprit for a bout of farting in a ladies’ department store. The store attendant who passed a couple of seconds later picking up a couple of coathangers could barely conceal her distaste.

This was the second time this had happened to me.

No moral to this story. Just thought it would be better to let it out, rather than suppress it any further.

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