His Cup* Runneth Over

The Sindo goes apeshit over government ‘hypocrisy’ in the Jim McDaid bender affair.

Contrasting the Government’s anti-drink driving campaign with how government politicians handled the matter of a drink driver in their midst, the ‘hypocrisy’ is clear:

‘…the Government seems to be remarkably forgiving towards Dr McDaid in the wake of his outrageous drunk-driving rampage lastTuesday.’


their condemnations were tempered with sympathy for his alcoholism and the public humiliation he has brought upon himself.

Perhaps worse than that, though, is the fact that the government has committed the ultimate outrage of being ‘out of touch’:

But this kid-glove treatment of Dr McDaid is seriously at odds with public opinion…
A massive 83 per cent of respondents said they had no sympathy for Dr McDaid and he deserved criticism.
Nearly eight out of 10 people believe Dr McDaid’s drunken-driving antics were a more serious matter because he is a TD and former Minister.

Apparently Joe Public thinks that as a TD and a former minister, he should know better. I think that the real reason that this is a serious matter for the public is the mise-en-scene for McDaid’s downfall.

Friends with helicopters, free-flowing drink in a corporate box at the gee-gees, a room at the CityWest, a top of the range Volvo and the open road: if there is an Irish equivalent of the American Dream for your average office worker or commuter, all these things must be pretty high up on the list.

Sitting in gridlock on the Naas Road or the N2 on a Wednesday morning as part of the 4-hour round daily trip to your poorly paid job in some dreary open-plan office, it must be unwelcome indeed to be reminded that despite your aspirations, personal tragedy, alcoholism even, can follow you all the way to a corporate box at Punchestown or the K-Club. That’s a lot harder to forgive than a madcap spot of drink-driving, or political hypocrisy. Sure who isn’t a hypocrite when drunk?

* But not his Volvo, miraculously enough

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