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Their Man In Basingstoke

Almost completely uninterested in the upcoming British parliamentary elections, for a variety of reasons. However, in a half-hearted attempt to please those who visit this site and are into that sort of thing, I shall post related items that catch my eye.

This brief portrait of DUP man Andrew Hunter’s former constituency was diverting:

”A member of the Orange Order, he was one of the few MPs to vote against the Good Friday Agreement (or, as he puts it, ‘one of only a handful of mainland MPs who have consistently opposed the sell-out to terrorism in Northern Ireland’). He resigned from the Conservative Party in October 2002 so that he could stand for Ian Paisley’s DUP in Lagan Valley in the 2003 Northern Ireland Assembly elections. He didn’t win. In December last year, still Basingstoke’s MP, he joined the DUP anyway, which caused some consternation, though it should hardly have come as a surprise. The local Conservatives found it ‘sad’; one more sanguine resident told a national newspaper that everyone needed to have a hobby.

Erecting Language Barriers

Good article in the Guardian on the effect of language in electoral campaigning.

“The rhetoric used by both Labour and the Conservatives slips over from the language of perversion and the management of epidemics,” says the novelist and vice chairwoman of English PEN, Lisa Appignanesi. “Wife abuse, child abuse, alcohol abuse and now asylum abuse. Hey presto – the persecuted poor and with them all immigrants, new and already established, are tainted with malign practices. Like bugs we have to control them and protect ourselves against their coming.”

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