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A Long Time In Blogging

A full week has passed and I have managed to post something every day, thus meeting the only target I set myself for this weblog.

The content posted so far may not suggest it, but I think I’ve learned a fair bit about blogging in this time, at least compared with what I knew last week. The first thing is that keeping your own blog has little to do with commenting on someone else’s website. I started commenting around a year ago, firstly on Slugger O’Toole, and then also on A Tangled Web. Perhaps like for many others, it was mainly a means of passing time at work. Just as you might overhear an animated conversation in a pub or on the bus and feel tempted to butt in, there’s a certain pleasure in slipping in and out of on-line conversations, whether earnest debates or just pure shite talk, and venturing forth with your own opinions.

But posting on other people’s websites generally involves no commitment beyond answering questions on what you have already said. As it’s someone else’s site, and opportunity to comment is given to you by the blogger with no obligation in return, you have the freedom to be as facetious, pompous or caustic as you like, and come and go as you please.

Blogging gives the freedom to communicate and exchange your ideas with a potentially infinite number of people. But with that freedom you may give yourself a couple of new pressures: rather than knocking out the odd comment at work on what someone else has taken the initiative to say, can you find anything worth saying yourself? If you know that there are millions of blogs out there, and that a fair proportion of their content is unadulterated nonsense and vanity, how confident can you be that you have something worth reading? And even if you get over that, can you find the time to do it?

Let’s not get too serious about it though. It’s been a laugh, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Many thanks to all those who have sent messages of support. I’ll try not to bore the arses off you too much with too many further blogs about blogging. Apart from the next one and that’s it.

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