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Preparation for an event that never happens

The next time some clap-happy jackass tries to win your approval and some popularity by greeting you with ‘cheer up, it might never happen’, how about showing him this?

One Man’s Terrorist seeks US Asylum

From the Washington Post.

“I can’t imagine how one could defend a terrorist where there exists overwhelming evidence that he was responsible or a co-conspirator in blowing up a civilian airliner. To me that is just inconceivable..”

Rep. William D. Delahunt (D-Mass.)

Inconceivable? Hardly. As the Miami Herald notes, it depends on whom you ask. A supporter of Posada Carriles says:

“I believe terrorism is in the eye of the beholder.”

which may be as good a summary as any for what his former employers are inclined to think.

Unrefined Responses

Ok, this may not work, but I have made a quick list of issues which are dear to the hearts of many living in Ireland.

As an instinctive fence-sitter, I have recently found myself ambivalent on most of them. So what I plan to do, as an exercise, is write two sentences in quick succession, with no rewrites, on the first thing that comes into my head regarding each of the issues below to see what happens.

Orange Marches
Orange marches are fun only for Orangemen. But anyone who gets up at 8:30 in the morning to protest at an Orange march needs his fuckin head examined.

United Ireland
Will never happen as long as people keep campaigning for a United Ireland. Like a woman’s work, it will never be done.

Ian Paisley
Electric stage presence, although his ears seem to get longer as he gets older. As he is from Armagh originally I tend to cut him more slack than I think I should.

Sinn Fein Voters
Avail of a free taxi service on polling day. A vote for Sinn Fein is worth the same as a vote for any other party i.e. nothing.

Celtic and Rangers
Mo Johnston and Charlie Nicholas were childhood heroes of mine. I wonder were they an inspiration for UDA man Jim Gray.

British Lions
I hate rugby so I really couldn’t give a shite what this team is called. That’s it.

Ulster Scots
Not a language, but worth recording and preserving. Hard to tell where Ulster Scots ends and granda talk begins.

Irish Language
Does not come naturally to me at all, apart from the accent. I would study it again, but I fear I would have little to say in it.

The opposite of Catholic. Clean and tidy houses, with nicely cut ham sandwiches.

As a boy I saw dead people. The first was Cardinal O’Fiaich.

The first acronym I ever saw. Later I thought the UFF were like the IRA, because they were both fighting for Ulster’s freedom.

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