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That book tour wasn’t so bad after all

Far be it from me to look for ulterior motives in Gerry Adams’ speeches, but given his rather ill-fated recent trip to Spain, cut short by matters back home, it looks like he might now stand a chance of regaining a bit of ground on the book sales front.

Here’s an extract from today’s Diario Vasco:

Parties ask Batasuna to imitate Adams and demand that ETA give up its arms

‘Basque political parties yesterday called on Batasuna to ‘take note’ of the request made by the Sinn Fein leader to the IRA to abandon its arms, and to have the political bravery to demand the same of ETA. The lehendakari (head of the Basque government) stated that ‘there are more and more people, even within Batasuna’s own world, who would like to hear Arnaldo Otegi ask ETA directly to lay down its arms.’

(my translation, although seeing as I have no readers yet, was there really any need to do that?)

Anyway, it looks like the speech is having repercussions beyond NI, even if some people there still aren’t so convinced.

Papal (Red) Bull

I mused rather wildly the other day on A Tangled Web about why so much importance was being given in the broadcast media to the Pope’s role in ending communism.

I said:

‘little emphasis, if any, can be discerned on his critiques of capitalism. It is as if the last 16 years had never happened.

Jonathan Steele’s piece in the Guardian today reinforces part of what I was saying:

He says:

’Dumbing-down comes over obituary writers, and in their eagerness to define a clear legacy they often produce simplifications that take no account of how the world and people change.’


‘His line on communist Cuba differed sharply from his line on Poland. He realised that Castro’s resistance to US pressures reflected the feelings of most Cubans. He saw that nationalism and communist rule went hand in hand in Cuba in a way that they did not in Poland, where the party was ultimately subordinate to Moscow. In Havana the Pope mentioned freedom of conscience as a basic right, but his visit strengthened Castro. His critique of capitalism and global inequality echoed Castro’s and he denounced the US embargo on Cuba’

which is quite interesting.

The Lidl Muffin

Alternatively, take a Stanley knife, a compass and a pencil, cut a circle of foam out of your car seat, and eat it.

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